Parcels of Ice mixed with ground coffee heading for Australia seized


TWO parcels of crystal methamphetamine (Ice) mixed with ground coffee heading for Australia and another suspicious parcel going to Japan were seized from a freight forwarder’s office in Bueng Kum district of Bangkok with investigation now being expanded, said today (Mar. 4).

In a raid mounted by Airport Interdiction Task Force (AITF) together with the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) and customs officials as well as Narcotics Suppression Bureau police it was found that 20 kg of ground coffee mixed with Ice was being sent to Australia in two parcels, ONCBC secretary-general Wichai Chaimongkhon said.

The third parcel being sent to Japan contains black flakes which have been sent to a laboratory for testing.

Investigation reveals that parcels had been sent to Australia three times previously and once to Hong Kong.

Mr. Prin Mekanandha, an ONCB director, was assigned to join AITF officers in coordinating with Australian Federal Police as well as Hong Kong and Japanese police in expanding investigation to find those involved in delivering and receiving these drug parcels.


Top and Front Page: Crystal methamphetamine (Ice) mixed with ground coffee seized from a freight forwarder’s office in Bangkok. Photos: INN News

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