Chinese kidnappers have still not released hostages


A CHINESE woman and her brother who were ransom kidnapped by their compatriots in Chonburi yesterday (Mar. 20) after dropping off her son to school have still not been released even though over 24 hours have passed since their abduction but police are chasing the criminals, Naewna newspaper said this afternoon.

At 1 p.m. yesterday Mr. Ma Mingshun, 33, a Chinese businessman, reported to Nong Prue police that his Chinese wife, Ms. San Chiqiang, 33, and her 50-year-old brother had been kidnapped after they had dropped off their three-year-old son at Mooltripakdee International School.

The Chinese criminal rode up on a motorcycle and after cutting in front of their black Nissan Terra SUV forcing them to stop, got into their SUV and drove off with the two of them. He had contacted Ma via WeChat app and demanded one million yuan ransom, approximately 4.7 million baht.

This morning Nong Prue station chief Pol. Col. Tawee Kudlaeng and his police team again questioned Ma through an interpreter with the victim holding his three-year-old son throughout and was clearly exhausted.

Police had also called a Chinese friend for questioning as they suspect that he is acquainted with the kidnappers and there was confrontation between the victim and him.

In the investigation led by Pol. Col. Santi Kornkasem, superintendent of Chonburi provincial police, investigation kits were distributed to policemen who were told to go through surveillance camera clips, track down vehicles used in the kidnapping and check mobile phone signals.

Police have found a suspicious vehicle, a black Mitsubishi Pajero SUV, believed to have been used in the kidnapping which was driven along Motorway Route 7. The motorcycle used in the kidnapping was purchased specifically for this purpose for 14,000 baht.

The victim lost contact with the hostages at midnight last night and despite over 24 hours having passed the criminals show no sign of releasing them while being chased by police.

It is assumed that at least three people are involved in this kidnapping and they have been divided into two groups. One group is staying put with the hostages while the other is driving around Chonburi to confuse the police who are monitoring mobile phone signals.


Top: The Mitsubishi Pajero SUV that was likely used in the kidnapping and found last night.

Front Page: Police questioning Mr. Ma Mingshun in a curtained office at Nong Prue station today, March 21, 2023. Both photos: Naewna

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