Chinese kidnap suspect held at airport as hunt for victims continues


POLICE arrested a Chinese man at Suvarnabhumi Airport on suspicion of involvement in the kidnapping of a Chinese woman and her brother in Chonburi’s Nong Prue subdistrict two days ago while a big hunt for the victims is continuing in Rayong, TV Channel 7 said this morning (Mar. 22).

The Chinese man, around 30-35 years old, was arrested at Suvarnabhumi Airport while getting ready to fly out to Nanying, China, and brought to Nong Prue police station in Chonburi after it was found that his passport had been used to rent a Mitsubishi Pajero SUV involved in the kidnapping and rent a hotel room at Jomtien beach.

Another suspect managed to fly out of Thailand from Don Mueang Airport to Shanghai yesterday afternoon.

On Monday (Mar. 20) a Chinese businessman, Mr. Ma Mingshun, 33, had reported to Nong Prue police that his wife, Ms. San Chiqiang, 33, and her 50-year-old brother had been kidnapped by unknown number of Chinese men after they had dropped off their three-year-old son at Mooltripakdee International School.

The kidnappers had demanded 1 million yuan (approximately 4.7 million baht) ransom with Ma having transferred 970,000 baht to them.

In the middle of last night Pol. Maj. Gen. Kampol Leelaprapaporn, Chonburi provincial police chief, led a 50-strong team to search Khao Ya Ra hill in Bang Chang district of Rayong province, about 40 km away from the point of kidnapping.

They had to drive two km up the hill, then parked their vehicles and walked 500 metres through cassava, pineapple and palm plantations and another 500 metres uphill before they reached the spot where the criminals had contacted the victim’s husband.

There they found a three-metre-long white nylon rope tied to a tree and torn into two and 11 bags of chocolate candy but not the hostages.

Police are continuing to search for the hostages while praying that they are still alive.

Police also traced the black Mitsubishi Pajero SUV seized yesterday to a Chinese couple who said they had rented it to a group of Chinese tourists holidaying Pattaya on March 14 at 2,000 baht a day. They added that they did not think their vehicle would be used for this crime but have been taken in for interrogation.


The Chinese man arrested at Suvarnabhumi Airport and a nylon rope and bags of chocolate candy found up a hill in Rayong inset. Photo: TV Channel 7

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