Urgent: Gunman found dead after 15-hour siege


A GUNMAN who killed three people and injured four others by shooting randomly from his house in Phetchaburi province was found dead there at 4 a.m. this morning (Mar. 23) after two police raids during the 15-hour siege, Matichon newspaper said.

The gunman, Mr. Anuwat Waenthong, or Ping, 29, was earlier identified as a former ranger who was stressed out at having to go to court over drug charges.

At 11.49 p.m. Special Operation policemen drove to the front of the house in a shielded pick-up truck and were able to remove all three dead bodies on field stretchers.

At 1.09 a.m. A Special Operation police team went to the house in armoured vehicles and upon going in there was an exchange of gunfire for 19 minutes with over 50 gunshots heard. The team then withdrew and sent drones to inspect the area before mounting a second raid.

At 1.53 a.m the Special Operation police team entered the house again and a firefight ensued lasting 38 minutes with more than 50 shots being heard fired. The team then withdrew.

At 4 a.m. it was reported that the gunman had died on the second floor of this house.


Police surrounded the house where the gunman, inset, was holed up in, above, and the bodies of the victims brought out from the front of the house, below. Photos: Matichon

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