Mystery woman found dead in a sack in Nonthaburi


A YOUNG Thai woman was found dead in a large sack dumped at an irrigation canal of a deserted banana plantation in Nonthaburi province today (Apr. 1) with police working on identifying her, Matichon newspaper said.

At 10 a.m. Pol. Lt. Col. Anan Panthong, an investigator at Bang Mae Nang police station, was notified of a body being found in a sack at this abandoned plantation abutting Chong Thanom-Wat Ton Chueak road in Bang Yai district and rushed there to investigate together with a pathologist from the Institute of Forensic Science and Ruam Por Tek Tung Foundation rescuers.

At the scene they found the body of the young woman, around 25-30 years old, lying prone in the canal wearing a T-shirt and brown pants. The lower half of the body was stuffed in the large sack which was tied with a rope. There were four to five sharp wounds on the left ribcage, a wide wound on the right shoulder, and a towel wrapped around her neck.

It is estimated that she has been dead for three to four days with no documents found to identify her.

Mr. Banjob (surname withheld), 65, a farmer, said he was riding his motorcycle through this area and suddenly got a strong rotting smell. He parked and went to have a look, then was shocked at finding the woman’s body in the canal. Her head was wrapped in a towel and the lower half of her body tied in a sack.

He quickly alerted the village headman and police to come and investigate but from his observation the deceased is not from this neighbourhood.

Pol. Col. Thasakorn Konthong, this station’s chief, said as preliminary investigation showed no woman in Nonthaburi had been reported missing it is likely that this woman was murdered elsewhere and her body dumped here to throw investigators off the trail.

Even though it is not known who she is police will investigate and identify her then track down her murderer, he added.


The spot where the murdered woman’s body was found, above, and rescuers taking her body for an autopsy, Front Page. Both photos: Matichon

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