One to two days more to extinguish wildfires in Nakhon Nayok


AS A FIERCE blaze continues to rage on Nakhon Nayok’s mountains another helicopter was added to firefighting effort today (Apr. 1) taking the total to six with teams battling the blaze expecting to take another day or two to extinguish it, Naewna newspaper said.

The wildfires, which broke out on Wednesday night (Mar. 29), have now spread to Khao Nang Dum mountain while continuing to rage on Khao Tabak and Khao Wang Ri. So far  1,067 rai of forests have been damaged.

In trying to stop it from spreading further several fire trucks were deployed to risky spots while the five helicopters in service yesterday made 147 rounds and dropped 191,000 litres of water to extinguish it.

Local agencies have sent several general and forest fire engines plus water trucks and other equipment to fight the inferno with troops from various units brought in and volunteers too helping out.

The fire-fighting teams are walking up the mountains to put out the blaze but some areas are still inaccessible due to the steep terrain and high heat. They are monitoring the wildfires 24 hours to prevent them from spreading from the top of the mountains down to people’s homes.

Provincial Governor Mr. Buncha Chaowarin has assigned a public health team to take care of people in the area but so far none have been seriously affected by the fumes of the massive fires.


Firefighters continue battling the massive blaze raging on Nakhon Nayok mountains. Photos: Naewna

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