Arrest warrants imminent for 3 Chinese men in kidnap-murder of music student


THAI police are gearing up to put out arrest warrants for three Chinese men suspected to have kidnapped and brutally murdered a young Chinese woman studying music in Bangkok but all three have already flown back to Chengdu, China, Thai Rath newspaper said this afternoon (Apr. 2).

The swollen body of Ms. Jin San, 21,  a third year student at Bangkok Thonburi University, was found partly stuffed in a sack at an irrigation canal of a deserted banana plantation in Nonthaburi province yesterday afternoon. She had been strangled and cut with a sharp object on her arms, legs and many other parts of her body.

At 12.40 p.m. Pol. Maj. Gen. Noppasin Poolsawat, head of investigation at Metropolitan Police Bureau, together with a team of policemen from various units, met to work on searching for more evidence and finding eyewitnesses in preparation to ask the court to issue arrest warrants for three Chinese men, namely Mr. Zhao Pengfei, 24, Mr. Chen Saikang, 23, and Mr. Zhao Xiongfei, 23.

Investigation shows that all three suspects were connected to the kidnap-murder of Jin San.

On Tuesday evening (Mar. 28), the deceased woman took a taxi from Bangkok Thonburi University and got off opposite a department store in Nonthaburi. She had then walked through an overpass to the shopping mall and got into a red sedan which sped away.

This sedan had been rented from a company in the Makkasan area and returned after the murder, police said.

The three suspects had also rented a house in Nonthaburi’s Bang Yai district, they said, and after the murder quickly handed it back to the landlord and fled Thailand heading back to Chengdu, China on Thursday (Mar. 30).


Pol. Maj. Gen. Noppasin Poolsawat and his team working on the brutal kidnap-murder case today, April 2, 2023. Photo: Thai Rath

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