10,000-baht digital wallet for each Thai pledged in Pheu Thai campaign


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THE PHEU THAI today (Apr.5) announced a major populist policy to hand out 10,000 baht in digital wallet for each of all Thai adolescents and adults only if the party becomes government after the May 14 general election.

Real estate tycoon Settha Taweesin, one of a trio of Pheu Thai partisan contestants for prime minister, confirmed to a cheering audience in a campaign venue that each of the Thai people aged 16 years and over will be given 10,000 baht in digital wallet to spend within six months if the Pheu Thai wins the chance to run the country after the nationwide election.

The 10,000-baht digital wallet will be provided by a Pheu Thai government for use by each of the Thais to buy goods and services at stores and shops in a radius of four kilometres from their census-registered house within six months, according to Settha.

The campaign-pledged digital wallet which cannot be transferred into cash or used to buy cigarettes or alcoholic beverages will considerably increase the people’s purchasing power and boost the national economy, he said.

The Pheu Thai has anticipated a landslide victory with as many as 310 MPs in the May 14 election and the opportunity to become a one-party government though it remains to be seen whether the party of which deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra is largely viewed as de facto boss will finally muster over half the total of MPs and senators combined or at least 376 to name a partisan contestant for prime minister in the first place.

Thaksin’s daughter Paetongtarn Shinawatra and former justice minister Chaikasem Nitisiri are among the Pheu Thai trio of contenders for prime minister in addition to Settha.


Pheu Thai partisan contestants for prime minister, from left, Settha Taweesin, Paetongtarn Shinawatra and Chaikasem Nitisiri, campaigning in Bangkok this week. Photos: Matichon

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