Pattaya, navy helping Koh Larn cope with water shortage


WITH KOH Larn off Pattaya too being among the islands facing water shortage, this seaside city’s authorities together with the navy are now helping to partly alleviate the crisis by transporting badly-needed fresh water, Naewna newspaper said today (Apr. 6).

Pattaya City Deputy Mayor Mr. Manoch Nongyai said this popular tourist destination has two sources of fresh water with one being what is produced by East Water Co.’s desalination plant and the other ground water plus what the local residents have stored during the rainy season.

In the past this was sufficient but this year, as it has not rained for two to three months while tourists are flocking to the island, it has led to a spike in water consumption and along with this the price too has jumped.

What was stored from desalinating 300 cubic liters of seawater a day has now been all used with fresh water being ferried from the shore to be sold on the island.

Pattaya city authorities together with Sattahip navy base are partly helping out by transporting supplies to the island. Moreover East Water has been asked to boost fresh water production.

Both residents and tourists were urged to reduce water use amid the current shortage.


Top: Beautiful view of Koh Larn. Photo: Richard Barton (CC BY 2.0)

Front Page: Tourists enjoying themselves at Koh Larn. Photo: Jerome Bon (CC BY 2.0)

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