Thai woman caught smuggling cocaine at Phuket Airport


A THAI woman was arrested at Phuket Airport with a box containing 2.35 kg of cocaine worth over 10 million baht hidden in her modified suitcase and was taken to Sakhu police station for further legal action, Naewna newspaper said this morning (Apr. 6).

Acting on a tip-off by the Office of Narcotics Control Board that narcotics will be smuggled into the country on Emirates Airlines Flight EK396, officials of the Regional Customs Office 5 at the airport carefully X-rayed all the off-loaded luggage.

They then found the flat box holding 2.3 kg cocaine, a category two drug, hidden in the unidentified 27-year-old woman’s modified suitcase.

Mr. Wanlop Wutthaphanich, chief of the Su-ngai Kolok Customs House acting as director of Regional Customs Office 5, said he has instructed his team to strictly enforce customs regulations, especially the smuggling of narcotics.


Cocaine found in the suitcase of a Thai woman at Phuket Airport. Photos: Naewna

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