Drug trafficking duo flee leaving their wives behind to take the rap


TWO MAJOR drug traffickers managed to escape a police raid on their house in Nakhon Pathom leaving their respective wives behind to be apprehended after 93 kg crystal methamphetamine (Ice) and 1,014,000 tablets of methamphetamine were found stashed there, Matichon newspaper said this afternoon (Apr. 7).

Pol. Maj. Gen. Samroeng Suanthong, deputy chief of Metropolitan Police Bureau, and his team raided the house in Lam Phaya subdistrict, Bang Len district, and arrested  Ms. Chanida “Nun” Pinthong, 24, and Ms. Benjarat “Pang” Suksamran, 22, and aside from the drugs also seized a pickup truck.

Police had been investigating Mr. Anavil “Bank” Thamcharoen, 24, and Mr. Noppadon “Chok” Pantuptim, 20, after finding out that they were trafficking large amounts of drugs stored at their house and used their pickup truck for delivery.

Today after Noppadon had driven his pickup truck out of the house and parked it by a canal in the same subdistrict and then returned home, a police team then mounted a raid. There they found the Ice and meth pills weighing 45 kg but the drug trafficking duo had fled with Anavil leaving his wife Chanida and Noppadon his wife Bencharat behind to be arrested.


Top and Front Page: The two women arrested for drug trafficking and the large amount of drugs found at their house. Photos: Matichon

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