Hunt for policeman who killed his father-in-law, three others in Surat Thani


A BIG HUNT is underway for a policeman who together with his brother shot dead his father-in-law, his second wife, his brother and another relative last evening (Apr. 8) but in the ensuring shootout at their home in Surat Thani the policeman’s brother was killed, Thai Rath newspaper said today (Apr. 9).

Pol.Snr.Sgt.Maj.Attaporn Wichien, 46, attached to Kanchanadit police station, and his brother Mr. Wat Wichian, who was only recently released from jail, appeared to have used three firearms in the deadly attack over a land dispute with one being an M16 rifle and the other two a pistol and shotgun.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Saranyoo Chamnanrat, head of Surat Thani provincial police, had ordered investigators to thoroughly examine the house where the shooting occurred. They worked all night and collected bullet casings as well as four to five video surveillance clips.

Killed were Mr. Thammarong Nilniyom, or Phoo Yai Rong, 60, a former village headman and owner of the house in Bang Ngon subdistrict, Phunphin district, his wife Mrs. Nilthip Palakachen, or Taeng, 49, his brother Mr. Pornsak Petchchu, or Phoo Yai Kraw, 56, also a former village headman, and an unidentified relative of Nilthip.

Nilthip was found dead right in front of the house beside a water jar after being shot by the M16 rifle, a little further away Pornsak lay dead under a clothesline after likewise being gunned down by the M16 rifle, the policeman’s brother Wat was killed at the staircase leading to the house while Thammarong was found dead on his bed after being heavily fired by the M16 rifle. Two pistols belonging to Thammarong were found in the house.

Surveillance camera clips showed that after killing his relatives Attaporn fled in a sedan with his wife Ms Panida Nilniyom, or Tak, Thammarong’s daughter by his first wife.

The killings appeared to have stemmed from a land dispute as Thammarong owned hundreds of rai of oil palm and rubber plantations.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Saranyoo ordered the investigators to quickly chase the Attaporn and check all hotels and resorts where he could be hiding out with wife but to do so carefully as he is armed.

Nilthip’s relative Mr. Somsak Palakhachen said Thammarong established an oil palm plantation in this area about a decade ago and later built this house. He survived an assassination attempt last December with a back injury.

He had donated a private land plot to create a tourist attraction in Khiri Rat Nikhom district.


The wanted policeman and his wife whose father, second wife, brother and another relative he shot dead and the house where the killings took police. Photo: Thai Rath

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