Two Russian teens arrested in gang attack on rival at Pattaya market


TWO Russian teenagers who joined a gang of nearly 30 youths in an attack on a rival youth at a Pattaya market around 5 a.m. this morning (Apr. 22) have been arrested, TV Channel 7 said.

Shopkeepers fled in panic after the youths rode up on their motorcycles and stormed the market in search of their rival Mr. Noi (assumed name), 17, who works at a fruit stall there. He too dashed out of the market but was caught by gang members who bashed him up including using a brick to hit his head.

After that they fled in different directions.

Pol. Col. Thanapong Phothi, superintendent of Pattaya City police station, and his team went to investigate and upon going through the surveillance camera clips spotted the two unidentified Russian teenagers, one 17 years old and the other 19, joining the gang led by Mr. Wichit (surname withheld), 22 , in this attack.

The trouble between this gang of youths and the injured teenager started during Wan Lai Pattaya festival which is held in some provinces, including Chonburi and its resort city Pattaya, that celebrate Songkran festival longer than the rest of the country according to their traditions.

Police confirmed that the two arrested Russian teenagers did not use any weapons in the attack on the rival youth as accused but were carrying some ping pong bombs and wooden clubs. They have been charged with joining others in causing bodily harm to another person with their two motorcycles seized.

Police are expanding investigation to arrest other youths involved in this attack.


Top and Front Page: The fruit stall in the Pattaya market where the bashed up teenager works and some of the youths involved in the attack. Photos: TV Channel 7

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