Broke guard nabbed for stabbing motorcycle taxi rider to death


A BROKE security guard who stabbed a motorcycle taxi rider to death and zoomed off on his bike  was arrested while drinking with his friends in Saraburi province, TV Channel 7 said today (Apr. 23).

Bang Kruai police station in Nonthaburi was notified of a man found dead on the road running along Bang Bamru railway line and a team rushed there together with Ruamkatanyu Foundation rescuers and a pathologist from Central Institute of Forensic Science .

The deceased man was later identified as Mr. Ekachai (surname withheld), 43, a motorcycle taxi rider in Sukhumvit Soi 21. He was lying by the side of this road after being stabbed 11 times with a 20-centimetre-long knife discarded nearby.

Investigators at this station tracked the unidentified suspect’s escape route by going through surveillance camera clips and then obtained an arrest warrant for him from Nonthaburi Provincial Court.

He was found drinking with four-five friends in Saraburi with the stolen motorcycle parked nearby.

The suspect told police that he worked as a security guard on alternate days and the team leader always picked him up and dropped him back home. However on that day no one was free to take him home and as he had no money at all he asked for an advance from the company but this was refused.

He then hopped on the deceased’s motorbike taxi and asked him to take him to  his accommodation in Soi Suan Phak. As he was  stressed out at being broke and unable to pay the fare he stabbed the motorbike rider to death and rode off on his vehicle.


The security guard and the motorcycle taxi rider he stabbed to death. Photo: TV Channel 7

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