Beware of power banks exploding in the summer heat


A YOUNG woman issued a warning about power banks exploding in the current hot weather as happened at her house last night (Apr. 23) when an unplugged unit suddenly blew up, Matichon newspaper said today.

In an online post the unidentified woman said at 9 p.m. just as she was going upstairs she smelt something burning. Her husband then quickly ran up and opened the door to their bedroom and a lot of smoke poured out.

She immediately shouted to her father to switch off the main breaker in the circuit breaker box and after that they searched in the dark with their mobile phone torchlight for the source of the fire. They inspected all sockets and electricity appliances and finally saw that the unplugged power bank placed on a table had exploded.

She stressed that the unit was unplugged and that it is likely the hot weather caused it to explode and also damage a pair of earbuds placed next to it.

Her post attracted a lot of attention with many commenting that it was fortunate there were people in the house otherwise it could have burnt down.


The unplugged power bank that exploded last night and the earbuds that also got damaged plus the burn mark on the table. Photos: Matichon

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