‘Lieutenant general’ charged in sadistic sex case


POLICE in southern Songkhla province have charged an army doctor who allegedly holds the rank of “lieutenant general” with deliberately assaulting others after a young man filed a complaint upon being badly injured while having sex with him, Naewna newspaper said this afternoon (Apr. 26).

Police at Sadao station in Songkhla have questioned the victim, identified only as Mr. Nat, and were now awaiting his physical examination results.

They have also summoned the “lieutenant general” for questioning.

Regarding the senior military officer having allegedly injected crystal methamphetamine to himself after offering to do so to the victim who had refused but secretly videotaped an unclear clip of the bag holding the syringe, police said they had not yet examined this accusation as they are in the process of questioning the suspect.


A bed in a hotel room. Photo: Naewna

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