Actress meets police on buying cyanide, confirms only meant to repel pests


WELL-KNOWN actress Preechaya Pongthananikorn, or Ice, accompanied by her mother and a lawyer met police investigators on purchasing cyanide online from the same batch the suspect in the serial killings did today (May 7) and confirmed it was meant to use to repel pests, TV Channel 7 said.

She mentioned that she was not worried about the purchase of the lethal poison because there was a clear purpose in doing so which was to repel reptiles from her house.

She added that she had searched the Internet about where to buy cyanide and upon finding out placed the order and it was only later after news of the arrest of Ms. Sararat Rangsiwutthaporn, or Am, as a suspect in the cyanide deaths of 14 people that this case got linked to her.

Her mother Mrs. Bang-On Pongthananikorn said her house had been invaded by many reptiles, including snakes and monitor lizards, with several of their pet dogs being killed.

This occurred because the extension of the house had subsided through the construction of an adjacent project and she had informed the juristic person about this issue. Repairs had been made but not yet to the new extension.

She added that her daughter was definitely not linked to the death of her personal manager because this person had died of a congenital heart disease. Moreover legal action was being taken against a Facebook page that made this allegation leading to public misunderstanding.

Mr. Monchai Jongklairatanakul, Preechaya’s lawyer, said they had come to meet the police as summoned to show his client’s innocence. They will be telling the investigators about the motive for buying the cyanide which was not used for any other purpose with the bottle already submitted to Bang Khen police station.

Whether this was an offence of possessing a dangerous substance or not was for the investigators to consider, he added.


Top: Actress Preechaya Pongthananikorn, or Ice, talking to reporters. Photo: TV Channel 7

Front Page: Actress Preechaya Pongthananikorn and her mother Mrs. Bang-On Pongthananikorn talking to reporters on Friday May 5, 2023. Photo: Matichon

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