Bhumjaithai, Chart Thai Pattana may be included in Move Forward-led coalition govt: Wanchai


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OUTSPOKEN SENATOR Wanchai Sonsiri today (May 15) suggested a Move Forward-led coalition government may consist of the Bhumjaithai and Chart Thai Pattana, among others, to get enough votes without the help from any senators to endorse Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat for prime minister.

The senator pointed out that the Move Forward-led coalition with the Pheu Thai, the Prachachart and a few other parties may not have enough yea votes for Pita to become head of a post-election government and advised that the Move Forward as core of government bring in the Bhumjaithai and Chart Thai Pattana so there will be more than 376 votes for him.

Given the fact that the Move Forward has 152 MPs, the Pheu Thai 141 MPs, the Prachachart 9 MPs and the Thai Sang Thai 6 MPs plus two MPs from two splinter parties each, the total only amounts tor 310 MPs whilst a partisan candidate for prime minister is legally bound to get yea votes from at least 376 lawmakers.

Thus, the outspoken senator said, the Bhumjaithai which have 70 MPs and the Chart Thai Pattana with 10 MPs could practically be of help to make the Move Forward leader head of a post-election government. Given such a combination of supportive MPs totaling 390, Pita will definitely not need a single yea vote from the senators, Wanchai said.

Though Wanchai said he himself will uphold the democratic principles to the extent that a candidate for prime minister named by a certain party and endorsed by most MPs be given the first opportunity to become prime minister, he could not speak for his colleagues in the Senate.

He apparently made his comments in response to the likelihood that most senators will abstain from voting in a joint House/Senate session to name the Move Forward leader for prime minister.

The military-designed constitution of 2017 stipulates that a partisan candidate for prime minister needs yea votes from more than half the total of 500 MPs and 250 senators combined or at least 376 yea votes.


Top and Front Page: Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat leads his party’s victory parade from the Democracy Monument to the City Hall square this evening, May 15, 2023. Photos: Thai Rath

Insert: Senator Wanchai Sonsiri. Photo: Thai Rath

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