Teen girl, 2 youths held for killing Chinese factory owner


POLICE arrested a teenage girl and two youths on the charges of stabbing a Chinese parawood processing factory owner to death at a resort in Trang province after the girl called for help upon being physically assaulted by her sex client, TV Channel 7 and Thai Rath newspaper said today (May 17).

The 17-year-old girl, only identified as Fai, together with Mr. Natdanai (surname withheld), 22, and Mr. Nattaphon, 19, were arrested in Satun province after being tracked down there and were charged with jointly killing Mr. Li Zhri Rui, 43, a Chinese national and owner of several parawood processing factories in the South by stabbing him around 20 times in the rented room.

Seized from them were a short pocket knife, a Honda sedan, 11 bank passbooks, five ATM cards, one credit card, 11,700 baht in cash, three mobile phones, two passports and a wallet.

Natdanai confessed that on Monday evening (May 15) Fai, who this businessman had hired for sex service with this being the third time doing so, sent him a Facebook message that the businessman had not paid up and also beat her because the sleeping pills she had bought along and mixed in his drink did not work.

He asked her whether she wanted him to kill the businessman, and she replied by asking whether he would dare do so.

He then told Fai to leave the back window of the resort room open and he would climb in after getting there and did so in Nattaphon’s car which was parked in front of the resort.

He added that he found the businessman in the bathroom and then used his knife to stab him around 20 times. After that the two of them took all his possessions and drove away in his car.

In Hat Yai district he was able to withdraw 5,400 baht from one of the deceased man’s accounts by using the pin code at the rear of the ATM card.

He was getting ready to flee to his home in Chumphon province but was caught by the police before doing so.


The two youths arrested for killing a Chinese businessman, above, and the resort where the crime took place, below and Front Page. Photos: Thai Rath

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