Elderly man shoots sister in inheritance row


AN ELDERLY Thai man, fearful of being cheated out of his inheritance by his siblings, first shot his sister then hit his brother in the face after which surrendered to the police upon being allowed to talk to the press, Naewna newspaper said today (May 21).

At 1 p.m. today police were alerted of the the shooting at a house in Soi Chan 23, Chong Nonsi subdistrict, Yan Nawa district, Bangkok, with the unidentified 80-year-old man having shot his younger sister in the right chest then hit his younger brother in the face with the pistol.

In talking to the suspect to surrender he asked to speak to the media and upon being allowed to do so he related that he was afraid his siblings would cheat him out of his inheritance.

As he was still carrying his firearm, police quickly moved them to a safer area. However the reporters noted that he was not stressed and eager to  air his problem.

Soon after that he surrendered to the police.

His younger brother told police that the gunman was the eldest brother and this morning they sat down to eat normally with the three of them being accompanied by a grandchild.

However an argument broke out between the suspect and the grandchild and when his mother, who is their sister, intervened he pulled out his pistol and shot her.

He tried to stop the suspect but was hit in the face with the pistol and warned  that he might shoot all of them.

He added that his brother is usually quiet and reserved but has been facing financial problems.


Top: The suspect after his surrender. Photo: Naewna

Front Page: Police outside the house where the shooting took place. Photo: Sanook.com

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