Man arrested on suspicion of killing girlfriend at resort


A USED car dealer was arrested on suspicion of killing his girlfriend at a resort in Buriram after police tracked him down to another resort in this northeastern province, Matichon newspaper said today (May 26).

Upon being arrested Mr. Pramuan (surname withheld), 47, confessed to having beaten his girlfriend, Ms. Chularat, or Or, 21, until she suddenly collapsed.

He then tried to give her cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) but when she did not regain consciousness he called the resort staff to take her to Lamplaimat Hospital, which is close to the resort.

He pointed out that his girlfriend had taken some pills which he could not identify with the drug and drug-taking equipment found in the room belonging to her.

He added that he did not intend to kill her but beat her up because she had been unfaithful to him despite being very much loved and given money every month.

His girlfriend had been asking for extra money and sometimes got some cash from the ATM machine herself. He later found out that she had used the cash to bail out another man.

He also said that he did not intend to escape and was only following the news about his girlfriend at this second resort and was planning to commit suicide should she die but was caught by police before doing so.

Police said they would have to wait for the autopsy result on the cause of his girlfriend’s death before proceeding with legal action against the suspect. However he faces prosecution under a narcotics arrest warrant issued by Roi Et province.


Pramuan being arrested by Buriram police. Photo: Matichon

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