Policeman, rescuers chase panicked Kuwaiti man for a hour


A YOUNG Kuwaiti man who panicked at seeing a policeman and rescue team coming to help after the taxi he was travelling in from Pattaya to Bangkok broke down on the motorway ran off leading to an hour-long chase, TV Channel 7 said this evening (May 26).

Pol. Capt. Pongphop Kudhom, deputy inspector of Bang Pakong station, and a Chachoengsao rescue unit chased the  the approximately 35- to 40-year-old Kuwaiti man after he dashed across the motorway and crossed the fence into TFD Industrial Estate upon seeing them approach the broken down taxi.

However the panicked foreigner, who was not caught there, then climbed back onto the motorway, crossed it, and climbed the fence on the other side and continued running away from them in the adjacent Khem Thid housing estate.

At this point some people in the housing estate also joined in chasing him until he stopped in a field outside the housing estate where they talked to him.

The Kuwaiti man asked for water but after drinking some dashed off again. He then reached a moat and tried but failed to swim across and was finally caught.

He was taken to Bang Pakong police station to calm down but did not have any identification papers on him.

Mr. Witoon Chanpuangsen, the head of the rescue team, said it was fortunate that the foreigner was not hit while running across the motorway with cars zipping up and down at high speed.


The panicked Kuwaiti man at the moat where he was finally caught. Photo: TV Channel 7

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