Illegal telecommunication devices seized in shopping mall raid


CYBER crime police together with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) and Excise Department officials today (May 28) raided a well-known shopping centre in Pathumwan area and seized a large amount of illegal telecommunication equipment, TV Channel 7 said.

The team searched the fourth floor of this shopping centre and seized 157 illegal telecommunication devices worth more than 707,000 baht from nine shops there.

These included mobile phones, GPS trackers, Wifi signalling devices, interceptors, radio communication devices and picture-taking drones that had not passed inspection nor issued certification of standards, which is a type of approval test.

These shops are not allowed to sell any radio communication devices and those caught doing so face a penalty of maximum five years imprisonment and/or maximum 100,000 baht fine.

Those arrested today were taken to Pathumwan police station for further legal action.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Chatchapanthakan Klaikluek warned the public that rigorous inspection and arrests will be made henceforth because criminals are using telecommunication equipment and illegal SIM cards to scam people.

Those who have questions about the use of radio communication devices should call the NBTC hotline 1200.


Top: Cyber crime police together with NBTC and Excise Department officials raiding a city-centre shopping mall today, May 28, 2023.

Front Page: Cyber police showing the telecommunication devices they seized today. Both photos: Matichon

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