Head of child welfare centre transferred after abuse surfaces


THE head of a child welfare centre in Saraburi province was immediately transferred today (May 29) after a Facebook user alleged that the 280 children sheltering there had been badly abused, TV Channel 7 said.

According to this Facebook user some of the children at this child welfare centre in Phra Phutthabat district had been locked up in a dark room, their hands tied up, their hair shaved off and forced to sleep in the bathroom.

These children had already faced cruelty outside but encountered more abuse at this shelter, the Facebook user, who had also posted some photos, said.

Later the caretakers of the centre admitted the photos of abuse shared on social media depicted an incident that occurred on April 30.

However they stated that it was older children who had bullied younger ones when the nannies were not looking with the centre’s staff not having abused them.

However Mr. Anukul Pedkaew, permanent secretary of the Social Development and Human Security Ministry, said after he heard about the abuse he urgently ordered the director-general of Children and Youth Affairs Department and an inspector to immediately go to the centre and investigate taking into account the welfare of children.

“The head of this child welfare centre has been transferred to perform central duties.

“There will also be an urgent meeting this evening with all departmental chiefs to organise a new welfare system nationwide for all target groups,” he said.


Merged images of the abuse suffered by children at the child welfare centre in Saraburi. Photos: Matichon

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