Pheu Thai candidate in Buriram seeks ballot recount


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A PHEU THAI CANDIDATE running for MP of Buriram today (June 6) called for a recounting of all ballots cast throughout a constituency of the lower-northeastern province due to alleged irregularities which led to him being narrowly defeated by a Bhumjaithai archrival in the May 14 election.

The Pheu Thai contestant, namely Panthanu Wannakangsai, petitioned the Election Commission to conduct a recount of all the ballots cast in Constituency 7 amidst alleged irregularities on the part of the polling agency’s local officials in charge of collecting the ballots and counting the votes.

Panthanu was narrowly defeated by Bhumjaithai contestant Pornchai Srisuriyanyothin by 215 votes whilst as many as 3,900 ballots had been contentiously declared “invalid” by the officials at some polling units, according to the Pheu Thai candidate who got 28,470 votes, compared to 28,685 votes for the winning candidate.

The Bhumjaithai under de facto party boss Newin Chidchob secured a clean sweep across all 10 constituencies of his native province of Buriram.


Pheu Thai candidate Panthanu Wannakangsai. Top photo: Matichon, Front Page photo: Thai Rath

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