Thai owner shocked: Indian businessman illegally occupied adjoining buildings in Pattaya


THE THAI owner of two adjoining commercial buildings in Pattaya which he only came to inspect after five years yesterday (June 7) was shocked at discovering that an Indian businessman had trespassed and illegally turned the ground floor into a dance club with the the rooms above rented out, Naewna newspaper said this morning.

Mr. Supanat Chinnawat, 30, filed a complaint at Pattaya City police station that his two four-storey adjoining commercial buildings on Pattaya Sai 3 road on the way to Bali Hai pier had been illegally occupied.

The ground floor had been turned into an entertainment venue named “Rock Star – Indian Dance Club” with the glass door locked while rooms from the second to the fourth floors were given out for daily and monthly rent with some of them occupied by tenants while others were demolished and damaged.

A police team that went to inspect questioned the tenants who told them that the caretaker lived at the rear of the building.

The caretaker told police that he was just an employee with his boss, who was also an Indian, having returned home but they would be notified when he came back to Pattaya.

Supanat has given copies of the title deeds to the Indian caretaker and told him he will be locking the doors to prevent anyone entering the premises. He allowed the tenants to continue living in the rooms until he met the Indian businessman who trespassed his property.

He is also filing a lawsuit against the trespasser but will drop it if negotiations lead to a settlement.

Moreover he wants to know who supported the illegal occupation of his buildings by a foreigner.


Top: The illegally occupied adjoining commercial buildings with the ground floor turned into an Indian dance club.

Insert: Mr. Supanat Chinnawat showing the title deeds. Both photos: Naewna

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