Foreigners rounded up in Surat Thani crackdown


AN ONGOING crackdown by Immigration Police in Surat Thani province has so far netted six foreigners for overstaying their visa and two others for illegal entry, Naewna newspaper said this evening (June 11).

In the province-wide sweep taking place during June 7-21 another two persons were also arrested for not giving notification of the foreigners staying in their property within 24 hours of their arrival.

Among the six arrested for overstaying are an Indian national who overstayed for 300 days; two Americans; a Myanmar national; a German; a Russian who overstayed six days but is also facing charges of cryptocurrency fraud amounting to US$72,700 (around 2.5 million baht) and not paying the bills for accommodation and food totalling  66,255 baht.

Two Myanmar nationals were charged with illegal entry with one being Miss Chay, 18, and the other Ms. Masuay Chin, 35.

A 46-year-old Thai national and a 22-year-old Russian national too were arrested for not notifying the authorities within 24 hours of foreigners moving into their property.

Police teams also raided two service outlets on Koh Samui, six on Koh Phangan, and two on Koh Tao but found that the proprietors had not committed any offence.

This southern province’s Immigration Police urged the public to notify them about offences committed by foreigners by either calling  1178 or 077-273217 so that action could be taken.


Some of the foreigners rounded up in the crackdown by Surat Thani Immigration police. Photos: Naewna

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