Thai couple shocked at losing camera gear while holidaying in Swiss town


A THAI couple who run a travel Facebook page with a large number of followers said today (June 11) they were shocked that during a recent holiday in the Swiss town of Grindelwald a thief broke into their rented residence at night and stole valuable camera gear with this town have no surveillance cameras installed anywhere, said.

Mr. Piyanat Chalopakorn, or Nat, and Ms. Panita Panprom, or Aom, who run the Pai Gun Na webpage said one night during a family trip to this Swiss town a thief broke in and while they heard some noise they thought it was their parents going to the bathroom.

The thief opened the bag and took everything – Sony a7R V camera and matching flash light,  16-35  and 24-70 lens, two DJI Mavic 3 batteries, Osmo mobile and four GoPro batteries. He then zipped the bag and put it back in its place and fled.

The theft went unnoticed until check out time at which point Piyanat picked up the light bag and realised his valuable camera gear had been stolen.

He added that there were no policemen in the area and no one in this town had installed surveillance cameras to maintain privacy.

The family then calmed down and moved on but what the couple regrets the most is not having any photos to share with their followers.

This post attracted several comments from their webpage followers and social media influencers.


The empty bag with all the camera gear gone. Photo:

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