Teen lese majeste suspect expelled from school


A 15-year-old teen girl who is the youngest person ever accused of violating the lese majeste law, better known as Criminal Code Section 112, posted a message on her personal Facebook page that she has been expelled from school, Naewna newspaper said this morning (June 14).

Thanalop Phalanchai, or Yok, a 10th grade student at a prestigious school in Pattanakarn area, said that some teachers had called her to a meeting yesterday where she was told her tuition fee will be refunded and that she was now an outsider.

“Today I was called to a meeting after a class had started, the teacher asked to talk to me but I asked to finish the class first (He watched me in front of the classroom). After the class I went with him, he even asked the class captain and deputy captain to accompany me.

“We went in and there were two school deputy directors, two male teachers and two class teachers there.

“One of the male teachers asked, ‘what have you been doing, why are you being followed, why are we not safe?’

“I asked to call my parents, then recorded the conversation as I wanted them to hear what was being said. He asked whether it was a live broadcast and I replied no but honestly said that I was recording the conversation.

“He then said ‘protecting rights but infringing on other people’s rights.’

“I asked how I was violating other people’s rights and he replied by recording the conversation.

“I felt uncomfortable and couldn’t cope anymore so asked to leave but they forbade it. I looked for a way out but there was none, behind was a window and in front a table where the teachers sat. So I crawled under the table to leave.

“Finally one of the two female deputy directors said, ‘Your tuition fee will be refunded,’ while the male teacher said, ‘remember you are an outsider now’.”

Mr. Anon Klinkaew, leader of People’s Centre to Protect the Monarchy, had filed a lese majeste complaint against the teenager over a rally at the Giant Swing on October 13, 2022 held to press for the release of political prisoners and abolish this law and also over a statement read in front of the UN office in Bangkok.

Her post attracted a lot of comments from netizens with some having shared it. One of them said, “May you grow and bloom on a suitable plot, I will always support you, education is multidimensional.”

Another said, “Hope you are safe and find a good place to study to be a strong driving force.”


Pixelated image of Thanalop Phalanchai, or Yok. Photo: Naewna

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