House ablaze after DIY e-bike short-circuits while being charged


AN electric bike built by a young man in Chiang Rai short-circuited while being charged with this setting his house ablaze but firemen were able to put it out in 30 minutes, TV Channel 7 said today (June 21).

Firemen had rushed to the two-storey brick house at Doi Phra Bat Soi community in Mueang Chiang Rai where the fire was raging inside and managed to extinguish it quickly thus preventing it from spreading to nearby houses.

An initial examination showed that the fire was caused by the DIY e-bike that was plugged in near some exercise equipment having short-circuited with initial damage estimated at 300,000 baht.

Eyewitnesses said they heard the sound of a short-circuit on the ground floor after that a cloud of smoke rose rapidly. They alerted the firemen while quickly helping extinguish it.

Officials were told by the unidentified young man that he had built this e-bike for personal use. Before the fire broke out he had plugged it in then went to run some errands. He is uncertain whether the fire was sparked by a faulty circuit board or some other parts malfunctioning.

However forensic officers will be conducting a detailed investigation to determine the cause of the blaze.


Exercise equipment damaged by the fire. Photo: TV Channel 7

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