Gas suicide ruled in death of Indian man at Pattaya resort


PATTAYA police have initially ruled that an Indian man found gassed to death at a resort with his hands and feet tied to a chair had committed suicide, Naewna newspaper said late last night (June 21).

At 9.30 p.m. on Tuesday June 20, Pol. Col. Thanaphong Phothi, superintendent of Pattaya police station, and his team went to check the death of a foreign tourist at a resort in Bang Lamung district.

Upon entering the room they found the deceased, later identified as Mr. Vibin Vijayakumar, 30, Indian nationality, wearing a yellow gas mask connected to a tank labelled “N2 UHP ” or ultra-high purity nitrogen gas. His hands and feet were tied to a chair next to the bed. The air-conditioner was still on.

It was estimated that he had died 12 hours earlier with there being no signs of scuffle in the room nor had his personal belongings been stolen.

The police team questioned Mrs. Jureerat (surname withheld), 45, an agent who had rented the room to the Indian tourist, and she told them that she had received an e-mail stating that there would be a suicide in this room and to inform the police.

She was told in the message to not enter the room and that he was suffering from mental illness with a voice in his head telling him to kill himself with no one being responsible for his death.

The Indian tourist had rented this room on May 15 and she had contacted him about paying rent and how it was to be transferred but failed to get through then got this shocking e-mail.

She went to the room and knocked at the door but found that he had died so called the police.

She also mentioned that the Indian man had told her he was sick and if she could not reach him to come and check.

The police team said they had found evidence that the deceased man had placed an order for a nitrogen gas tank, a hose, clamps and a gas mask in his own name.

They have initially ruled his death as a suicide but his body was being sent to the Police Hospital for a detailed autopsy to determine the cause of death.


The resort room in which the Indian man was was gassed to death. Photos: Naewna

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