Myanmar soldiers pull back after heavy Karenni attacks


MYANMAR’S 135th Infantry Battalion troops battling Karenni fighters near Thailand’s Mae Hong Son province have retreated from their base near border to a stronghold about five kilometres further inland but junta forces had launched three airstrikes on a Karenni position yesterday (June 27), Naewna newspaper said today.

A senior leader of the Karenni Army (KA) said their intelligence revealed that Myanmar’s 135th Infantry Battalion that had been operating close to the border had moved to hill point no. 1441 further inland in face of heavy attacks by Karenni fighters.

Meanwhile, the Myanmar air force has sent a FTC-2000G fighter jet to strafed Karenni fighters close to the 135th Infantry Battalion’s base three times yesterday with civilian homes also being hit and leading to a number of deaths. This base is close to the border and is opposite Mae Ngao subdistrict, Khun Yuam district in Mae Hong Son province.

However KA fighters are continuing to push Myanmar forces to the eastern bank of Salween river.

Thai border command centre in Mae Hong Son said as of yesterday altogether 4,848 refugees had fled the fighting to Thailand and they had been housed in different camps in this province. Additional toilets had been built with donation centres opened at Khun Yuam  and Mae Sariang district offices.


Karenni fighters in action against Myanmar junta forces across the border from Mae Hong Son province and refugees getting help. Photos: Naewna

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