Teen boy fights thief who attacked grandma in condo


A TEENAGE boy grabbed a knife to fight a knife-wielding thief who had broken into their condominium and badly wounded his grandmother in the wee hours of this morning (July 2) with the latter then quickly escaping, Sanook.com said.

Flight Sergeant First Class Wanchai (surname withheld), 59, said his older sister Tuk, 65, who lives on the 9th floor of this condo building with three grandchildren woke up at 3.30 a.m. to go to the bathroom and upon entering saw the thief there holding a knife.

She fought him and tried to grab his knife and chase him out of the condo but in doing so got slashed in several places including her back, neck, hands, legs and feet, and has now been taken to Panyananthaphikkhu Chonprathan Medical Centre, Pak Kret district, Nonthaburi province, for treatment.

Upon being attacked his sister called out to her 14-year-old grandson, August, to help.

August quickly got up and went to the bathroom and upon seeing his badly-wounded grandmother sitting at the bathroom door grabbed a knife to fight the thief.

The thief then ran away and August immediately called his mother and an ambulance to take his badly-bleeding grandmother to the hospital.

It is uncertain which floor the thief ran down to but a security guard did see a stranger walking away. However he did not see his face clearly.

Later Ms. Toi, a relative of the owner of a noodle shop on the ground floor discovered that the roof had been shattered by a fall with there being blood stains on metal sheets. It is clear that the thief had jumped down then escaped but in doing so had also got injured.

Toi is concerned about repairing the roof and wondered if any agency would help foot the bill with it being two weeks before the noodle shop could reopen again.

FS1 Wanchai said his sister was conscious and while not having seen the thief before clearly remembered his face so would be able to identify him.

Police are going through surveillance camera clips and discovered that the thief had slashed the bathroom window screen to enter the unit. The grandmother is in safe condition while undergoing treatment.


The roof of the noodle shop damaged by the thief jumping down and escaping before dawn today, July 2, 2023. Photos: Sanook.com

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