Policeman dies after drug-crazed man slashes his throat


A POLICEMAN at Ron Phibun station in Nakhon Si Thammarat died after a drug-crazed man slashed his throat just as he was talking to him to calm down at around 11 p.m. last night, Naewna newspaper and Sanook.com said today (July 8).

Pol. Sub. Lt. Boontham Kaewrat, deputy inspector of crime suppression unit at this station, upon arriving at the house in Khuan Chum subdistrict, Ron Phibun district, where Mr. Rapeephat (surname withheld), 28, was in a drug-fueled frenzy, tried to tell him to take it easy.

However Rapeephat suddenly charged at Pol. Sub. Lt.  Boontham and slashed his throat. He was later apprehended and taken to the police station.

Pol. Sub. Lt. Boontham was first rushed to Ron Phibun Hospital where doctors tried to stop the bleeding after which he was sent to Maharaj Nakhon Si Thammarat Hospital for an urgent operation. However while the doctors tried their best to save his life he died this morning.

Senior police officers are now investigating this incident while the late policeman’s colleagues are preparing his funeral.

National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat has proposed a six-step posthumous promotion of the policeman who died while performing his duty to the rank of police lieutenant colonel so that his family receives  2,393,480 baht compensation.


Top: The house where Pol. Sub. Lt. Boontham Kaewrat’s throat was slashed by a drug-crazed man. Photo: Naewna

Insert and Front Page: Pol. Sub. Lt. Boontham Kaewrat. Photo: Sanook.com

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