4 runners die, over 30 hurt in hillside bus crash


A BUS carrying a large number of runners ran off the road and plunged down a cliff while coming down a hill in Sisaket province killing four athletes and injuring over 30 others today (July 9), TV Channel 7 and Naewna newspaper said.

The bus was taking the runners participating in “Suranaree Trail Running 2023 Season 2” event from the finishing line at Chong Sangam customs house down the hill to a car park at Wat Luang Phu Suang temple when the accident occurred.

Uninjured runners said the driver was on a low gear while coming down the hill and when they reached Phaya Kouprey viewpoint the brakes suddenly failed causing the large vehicle to sway then crash through the guardrail and plunge down the cliff.

Those who were unhurt quickly helped 34 others who had been injured with all of them taken to two provincial hospitals for treatment.

The organisers of the run had arranged eight buses for the participants.

Police said the driver too was seriously injured in the accident and they will be interrogating him after he recovers with the runners also being questioned to find out the cause of the accident.


The damaged bus after it plunged down a cliff while coming down a hill in Sisaket today, July 9, 2023. Photos: Naewna

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