Thailand returning to normal with help from MPs, senators: Pita


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MOVE FORWARD LEADER/PRIME minister-designate Pita Limjaroenrat confirmed today (July 9) an adequate number of senators are joining a combined force to return Thailand to normal beginning with their imminent vote for him to take the helm of government.

Addressing a crowd of his supporters at a major Bangkok shopping complex, the prime minister-designate said he believed many among the total of 250 senators will cast votes in addition to the MPs of the Move Forward-led coalition partners for his rise to power during the upcoming Thursday’s joint House/Senate meeting.

Given a combined force of 312 coalition MPs on his side, Pita will need at least 64 more votes from non-coalition MPs and senators to make a minimum of 376 yea votes as required by law.

According to the Move Forward leader, those unelected lawmakers have had good intentions for the people and country like the elected ones and will likely jump onto the bandwagon of the majority of MPs to pick him for prime minister.

“Let’s see to it that the country is returning to normal with the help from those MPs and senators. Let our country get on par with the international community….It is time we all lived in hope and no longer in fear,” Pita said to the cheering crowd.

Pita referred to the military regime under caretaker prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha who has rendered the country topsy-turvy over the last nine years since the 2014 coup which he staged as army chief.

The country has evidently encountered setbacks over the last decade due to the coup, legal battles and dissolution of parties such as the Future Forward, among other abnormalities, according to the prime minister-designate.

Pita has earlier commented that those non-coalition MPs and senators may not care much about him or his progressive party if they eventually give him yea votes to observe a nationwide consensus manifested by a majority of voters in last May’s general election. The Move Forward has become the No.1 largest elected party, landing him the opportunity to set up a coalition of eight partners endorsed by the majority of elected MPs.

The coalition partners include the Move Forward with 151 MPs, the Pheu Thai with 141 MPs, the Prachachart with nine MPs, the Thai Sang Thai with six MPs, the Pheu Thai Ruam Palang with two MPs, the Palang Sungkom Mai with one MP, the Thai Liberal with one MP and the Fair Party with one MP.


Move Forward leader/prime minister-designate Pita Limjaroenrat with a large crowd of supporters at a major Bangkok shopping complex today, July 9, 2023. All photos: Matichon

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