Couple narrowly escape collapse of overpass bridge


A THAI couple narrowly escaped death when an under-construction overpass bridge on Luang Phaeng road, Lad Krabang district, collapsed at 6 p.m. yesterday killing two workers and injuring seven others after their pickup truck suddenly stalled moments before large chunks of concrete fell right in front with a metal beam landing on the roof, said today (July 11).

Officials are speeding up clearing the heavy debris but it is expected to take seven days before the task is completed.

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt said today that a section of the 20-metre-high under-construction bridge fell on the left traffic channel in front of PTT petrol pump killing one worker on the spot with the other later dying at Chularat 9 Hospital. Seven workers were injured but there were no casualties among the general public with some only getting slightly injured, Matichon newspaper said.

However a vehicle got crushed by concrete debris but fortunately the two persons within quickly ran out, he added.

The two of them are Mr. Phaew, 46, and his wife Ms. Chamnien, 44, with their Isuzu D-Max white pickup truck, Bangkok licence plate number 7 Kor Bor 5257, being damaged by a heavy metal beam.

Phaew said the two of them had just driven out of a shopping mall adjacent to the collapsed bridge and as he was making a U-turn he heard a loud noise and when he looked up he saw the bridge crashing down.

He tried to accelerate to escape the danger zone but his vehicle stalled. Just then parts of the girder fell in front of the vehicle with a metal beam landing on the roof.

The two of them then quickly got out and dashed to the nearby PTT petrol pump to get help.

Phaew admitted that he was very shocked because if he had driven even a little ahead the two of them would have died. He believed they survived because both of them wore Buddha amulets.


The lucky couple and the under-construction overpass bridge that collapsed last evening, July 10, 2023. Photos:

Watch’s Tiktok video of the bridge collapse below:

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