Two kittens rescued from death’s door

THE Thai online world is busy sharing photos of two kittens, named “Tiger” and “Jaguar”, who are in great pain after having suffered broken broken neck bones and deformed limbs in a suspected fight with dogs, said today (June 4).

Upon being questioned, the administrator of the Tik Tok page, Rak Maew Chang, Meaw Maha Chon (Really love cats, throngs of cats) that had shared the photos, said on May 16 he was notified by a page follower that a badly bitten kitten is lying in a pool of blood in severe condition and requires urgent treatment.

He got help from a philanthropist and took the kitten to a veterinary hospital for treatment, and named him Jaguar.

Later on May 22, he was notified again that another kitten had been badly injured in the same way in the same neighbourhood Jaguar had been found, so rescued him too and named him Tiger.

He added that he is certain they are siblings from the same litter and had been mauled by bigger animals, could be dogs or big cats.

Thai cat-lovers are now following the progress both the kittens are making at this Tik Tok page.


Jaguar and Tiger slowly recovered. Photos:

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