Activist group takes campaign against Section 112 to southern city


THE Thalu Fa (Through the Sky) activist group took their campaign for abolition of Section 112 of the Criminal Code, or the lese majeste law, to southern Hat Yai city today (Feb. 5) but there was a brief disruption to giving speeches after a man pulled off the loudspeaker cable, Matichon newspaper said.

At 6.15 p.m. members of this activist group launched their “Thalu Tai, Cancel 112” activities at Greenway market with shoppers invited to put small round stickers on large posters on which two key topics were addressed – whether section 112 of the Criminal Code should be abolished and how the state budget should be used.

Most of those who put stickers on the posters agreed that Section 112 should be repealed and also agreed that the state budget should be channelled to education and economy. 

Undercover policemen observed their activities and took photos of all the participants.

However at 6.33 p.m. just as a member of the Thalu Fa team was giving a speech inviting people to support repealing Section 112 a man walked up and pulled off the loudspeaker cable halting the audio signal.

The activists immediately surrounded him and asked why he yanked the cable but he denied doing so. They argued that they saw him doing so and then forced him to go buy a new cable which once attached the speeches continued.


The Thalu Fah activist group campainging at a Hat Yai market today. Photos: Matichon

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