Delivery riders gather to press for higher pay

AROUND a hundred Line Man delivery riders gathered in southern Hat Yai city at noon today (Feb. 7) to demand an increase in their pay per trip due to higher fuel cost while the number of trips has remained the same as more riders have joined their ranks, TV Channel 3 said.

A representative of this Line Man group said originally their pay per trip was 25.50 baht, plus 6.80 baht for diligence, and after tax deduction they were left with 31.33 baht.

However this has been decreased to only 28 baht a trip and after tax they are left with 27.16 baht.

This cut is in reverse to the rising cost of living, especially higher fuel price, and they want the company to pay the previous amount, that is 31.33 baht per trip after tax.

They now intend to file a complaint with the Songkhla branch of Damrongtham Centre to help find a way to get their pay increased to the previous level.


Hat Yai Line Man riders assemble to get higher pay per delivery today. Thai headline says, “Riders complain.” Photos: TV Channel 3


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