Over a million meth pills seized at parcel delivery office


A CRACKDOWN on the use of private parcel delivery services to smuggle drugs from Chiang Rai province to the central and southern regions of the country led to the seizure of 1.1 million methamphetamine pills at one of them, Naewna newspaper said today (Mar. 16).

Pha Muang task force soldiers together with Northern Border Drug Prevention and Suppression Centre officials and Narcotics Suppression Police in Mae Fah Luang district inspected five parcel delivery offices in this northern province after finding out that drug cartels have been parcelling large amounts of drugs to the two regions through them.

At the Kerry Express office in Thoet Thai subdistrict, Mae Fah Luang district, the team spotted 11 suspicious fruit parcel boxes. They used a portable X-ray machine to find out what was within the boxes and discovered it was bundles of pills. Upon opening them it was found that each box contained five bundles of 20,000 meth pills totalling 1.1 million.

A surveillance camera clip showed that it was Mr. Siripong Sae Jeaw, 21, a native of this province who had dropped off the parcel boxes.

Upon being arrested the suspect confessed that he had been hired to deliver the boxes for 25,000 baht and that this was the first time he was doing so. However, police were not convinced with investigation revealing that he had sent parcels many times before.

The recipients of these drug parcels were spread out in Sukhothai, Songkhla and Yala provinces.


The meth pills found in parcel boxes in Chiang Rai. The Thai headline says, “Seized lots more, meth pills hidden in fruit parcel boxes. Photos: Naewna

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