Soldier arrested on drug charges in Chiang Rai


A TEAM of Chaing Rai policemen arrested a soldier after finding  2 million methamphetamine pills hidden in 20 sacks of hay at a house he had rented in this northern province, Naewna newspaper said today (Mar. 25).

The policemen from Provincial Police Region 5, Mueang Chiang Rai and Ban Du police stations raided this house in Ban Du subdistrict yesterday after a tipoff that a major drug network had moved narcotics there. A search revealed that each of the 20 sacks of hay contained approximately 100,000 meth pills, totalling 2 million.

Later Sergeant Major First Class Phai (real name and surname withheld), a resident of Phitsanulok province and holding the position of telecommunication technician at a military unit, came to this house after landing at Mae Fah Luang Airport and was arrested and taken to Ban Du police station. Police have notified the military to send a representative to join the interrogation.

Eight more suspects of this drug network that transports narcotics from the Thai-Myanmar border to Mae Fah Luang district were also arrested.

Among them was a 27-year-old woman who was nabbed in a raid of her house Mae Salong subdistrict, Mae Fah Luang district, where a pickup truck was also parked with this being jointly mounted with Pha Muang Task Force soldiers.

Police are now expanding their investigation of this major drug network.


The arrested soldier with his face pixelated at Ban Du police station, above, and Pha Muang Task Force soldiers joining police in raiding another house where a young woman was arrested, below and Home Page. All photos: Naewna

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