Senator raises questions in drowning of actress

RAISING SOME key questions in the drowning of actress Pataratida Patcharawirapong, or Tangmo Nida, last month in a Facebook post today (Mar. 31) was Senator Somchai Sawangkarn, chairman of the senate committee on human rights, liberty and consumer protection, who wants some answers from police investigators, Naewna newspaper said.

The text of his post is as follows:

“Contradictory logic,

“Is it true a check did not detect alcohol?

“One bottle was consumed in 13 minutes – how many bottles in total?

“Please check again,

“Because the evidence in the clip that I saw clearly showed so,

“Alcohol was not detected in all five people,

“Was it because they were checked two days after the accident, right?

“But images show that while waiting to fill petrol at the pump for 13 minutes, they already drank one bottle of champagne, so don’t have to guess,

“Social media sleuths wonder how many bottles were consumed, some data says as many as six bottles. Where has the evidence disappeared? Who is guilty of destroying evidence? Must follow up.”

The five friends who were with Tangmo Nida when she drowned in Chao Phraya river on Feb. 24 are Ms. Idsarin Juthasuksawat, or Gatick, her manager; Ms. Wisapat Manomairat, or Sand; Mr. Nithat Keeratisuthisathorn, or Job; Mr. Paiboon Srikanchananan, or Robert or Bird, the amateur skipper; and Mr. Tanupat Lerttaweewit, or Hi So Por, the speedboat owner.


Top:: Late actress Pataratida Patcharawirapong, or Tangmo Nida. Photo:

Home Page: Senator  Somchai Sawangkarn. The Thai headline says, “Tangmo case won’t end, Senator Somchai has doubts.” Photo: Naewna

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