Pareena deprived of MP status, banned for life from politics

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OUTSPOKEN PALANG PRACHARATH MP Pareena Kraikupt was today (Apr. 7) deprived by court of her MP status and banned for life from politics due to deliberate encroachment upon a forest reserve in Ratchaburi.

The Supreme Court finally ruled Pareena, who has been suspended from doing legislative duties since last year, guilty of deliberately encroaching upon the forest reserve in Chom Bueng district which was part of her constituency in Ratchaburi.

Given a severe breach to the code of ethics pertaining to conflict in such public property, the Supreme Court delivered a final verdict to immediately deprive Pareena of her MP status, impose a life ban on all political activities and prohibit her from casting electoral votes at all levels for 10 years.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission had filed a lawsuit seeking an end to the ex-Palang Pracharath MP’s legislative roles after she had evidently managed to encroach upon 46 rai of land in the forest reserve in Rang Bua subdistrict of Chom Bueng district which was part of her constituency to run a chicken farm.

A by-election is yet to be held in the constituency covering Potharam district and Chom Bueng district of the western province to find replacement for the deprived lawmaker. 


Palang Pracharath MP Pareena Kraikupt. Top photo: Naewna, Home Page photo:

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