Jurin firm on not quitting as scandal rocks party

DEMOCRAT PARTY leader Jurin Laksanawisit said after a general caucus this afternoon (Apr. 23) that he will not step down despite the party being hit by the rape and sexual misconduct case against former deputy leader Prinn Panichphakdi, Naewna newspaper said.

This came after calls were made during the caucus for the party executive committee to resign over this scandal.

However Jurin, who is  Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister in this government, said action had already been taken with two working groups set up. The one headed by Ms. Ratchada Thanadirek is participated by outsiders who play an important role in promoting human rights and gender equality while the other headed by deputy leader Naraphat Kaewthong is investigating how the party’s Line group information leaked out.

Jurin told reporters that in taking responsibility if pushed beyond limits it becomes an irresponsible act. He added that it was his duty to resolve the problem for future success and not escape it.

Jurin also said that after Prinn was accused he resigned from all his positions in the party and the party executive committee was not duty bound to show responsibility over this issue but had to solve problems and had set up the working group headed by Ratchada to do so.

Upon being asked for his view on people seeing this problem as a time bomb for the party, the party leader refused to comment but said as per his duty when problems arose he had to solve them and in every crisis there was always an opportunity.

Questioned what the party would do if some executive committee members resigned, Jurin said each person had the right to do so and he would respect their decision.

As for the possibility of some party members quitting, Jurin again pointed out that in every crisis there was an opportunity and while he did not want anyone to leave if it was unavoidable then new members would have to be found to fill their place.


Scenes for today’s Democrat Party general caucus. Photos: Naewna

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