Man buys 250 lottery tickets from disabled vendor 


BEING shared rapidly on Thai social media is a video clip of a kind-hearted man who parked his car and waited for a disabled lottery vendor to reach him and then helped out by buying all 250 tickets he was selling for a total of 30,000 baht, said today (May 12).

This benevolent man’s name is Mr. Tithivat Huaihongthong, CEO and trading coach of Indy Trader, and he wrote the following caption beneath the clip:

“In difficult times, it’s so hard telling everyone ‘get up and fight’ because words are not enough to encourage them. I want everyone to watch this clip and decide to fight –  and encourage all our fellow countrymen too.”

Not only did Tithivat buy all 250 lottery tickets from this disabled lottery vendor, he also distributed them to construction workers at the adjacent site.

The disabled man was extremely happy and then quickly switched on his mobile phone with his foot. While Tithivat thought he was calling someone to pick him up because he had sold all the tickets, in fact he opened the camera to take a selfie with him.


Tithivat buying all the lottery tickets from the disabled vendor and taking a selfie with him. Photos:

Clip link below to watch video clip:

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