Russell Crowe wants Bangkok governor candidates to answer 3 questions

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HOLLYWOOD megastar Russell Crowe who late last year warmed the hearts of Thai fans by sharing beautiful photos of Bangkok and Phuket on Twitter but also highlighting a key problem in the capital by publishing a photo of a mass of overhead cables with the caption “Bangkok dreaming…” has three questions for Bangkok governor election candidates to answer.

Invited by TV Channel 7 to put questions to the candidates at today’s debate programme, the Gladiator star who had been in Thailand last October for the filming of the movie “The Greatest Beer Run Ever”, wants answers to these three issues:

– What are your thoughts on the volume of water in the Chao Phraya and specifically do you have any thoughts about what can be done to mitigate the regular threat of flooding?

– What are your thoughts on visible power lines and what other ideas and plans could you have to make beautiful Bangkok even more beautiful?

– What are your thoughts on making Bangkok more accessible and more friendly to tourists who want to learn more about Thai history and Thai culture?

Channel 7’s programme host Mr. Tin Chokkamolkij said it was not easy reaching the star who is currently in the UK for the filming of Marvel’s upcoming superhero sequel “Thor: Love and Thunder” where he has a “fun cameo” as Zeus.

He mentioned that Crowe seemed to have disappeared last weekend when he tried to contact him but got back to him early this week.

While he was in Thailand a former Democrat Party MP said in a Facebook post that the government should honour the megastar  by giving him a plaque or a medal for sharing photos and videos of Bangkok and Phuket as mounting this sort of a publicity would have cost 200 million baht.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” will open in cinemas on July 8, 2022


Actor Russell Crowe beamed into Thailand’s Channel 7 daily current affairs programme The Discussion on May 18, 2022. Photo: Screengrab from Tinchok555/ Twitter and published by The Straits Times

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