Hunt on for drug runners disguised as ambulance crew


POLICE are chasing drug traffickers disguised as ambulance paramedics who fled to Bangkok in their fake ambulance after a shootout in Saraburi province earlier today (June 5), said.

Found after an inter-provincial road chase was the fake ambulance, carrying a Bangkok licence plate with no plate at the rear, abandoned in Soi Suwinthawong 44, Min Buri district, with drugs discarded near ​​Wat Saensuk in the same district.

The shootout occurred after Saraburi provincial police got a tip-off that a drug network in the upper northeastern region is going to transport a large amount of narcotics to the central region in a rescue vehicle.

Saraburi police were on the look out for a vehicle that fitted this description and upon stopping this fake ambulance a shootout occurred with the drug runners managing to flee.

Police are continuing to hunt for them in Bangkok and its vicinity.


The fake ambulance and the large amount of drugs discarded by drug traffickers. Photos:

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