Firemen take an hour to control big blaze at Rama IV road community

FIREMEN battled hard for an hour before succeeding in controlling a big fire that broke out at Bonkai community on Rama 4 road at 1.12 p.m. today (June 21) and quickly spread across a wide area, Matichon newspaper said.

As reported by Jor Sor 100 radio the blaze started at one of several two-storey wooden houses built in a row and by 1.31 p.m. five to six of them had been gutted.

Later at 1.55 p.m. reporters said firemen from Bonkai station had still not been able to control the blaze and were starting up three more pumps to the south to surround the fierce fire and prevent it from spreading further.

However at 2.21 p.m. it was reported that the firemen had finally brought the big blaze under control.


The fierce blaze raging at Bonkai community. Photos: Matichon and Jor Sor 100 Radio

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