Daredevil motorcyclist zipping underneath trailer-truck goes viral

VIEWED BY hundreds of thousands of people on Thai social media is a video clip showing a daredevil motorcyclist zooming beneath a trailer-truck to get to the other side with the traffic still moving periodically despite being heavily jammed, Matichon newspaper said today (July 7).

This video clip, posted on TikTok by a member only identified as bo0k.999, does not say exactly where the shocking incident took place.. 

However it has already been viewed 540,000 times with bo0k.999 saying in the caption, “Just want to ask, is your life only worth this much? If you die the driver of the big vehicle would get into trouble. If you are pressured just eat and go to sleep.”

Among the comments this shocking video clip attracted were, “It’s the most brutal thing I have ever seen,” and “I don’t want to think about the driver on the other side who is waiting for the green light and this motorcyclist gets jinxed.”


The risk-taking biker speeding underneath the massive vehicle. Photos: Matichon



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